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About College




                              Community College “Georgia”

                    Community College “Georgia” LLC. is the private juridical institution of vocational education.

The existence and equality are guaranteed and regulated by the Law of  Vocational Education along with other normative acts, guaranteed by The Constitution of Georgia.

College “Georgia” issues private pattern diploma.

Founder and director of the college is Giorgi Beraia.                                  

1.On the base of the licence issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, The College “Georgia” is empowered to conduct teaching.

3. The college guarantees the five level the  Vocational education and provides Vocational degree level study program.

    College counts 28- year experience in academic and Vocational teaching. It holds a rich material-technical base equipped with computers; libraries with scientific and methodical literature.

The College, constantly renewing teaching programs and plans, is oriented on market relations. The College is currently implementing a number of interesting initiatives and programs aimed at improving the quality of learning, as well as providing the graduates with necessary skills that are crucial for the successful career. It is, also important to note that our College takes active steps in relation to fostering research in every area.

   Our programs provide students with many opportunities to get prepared for acquiring new professional skills in different spheres of human activities such as:   tourism, , fashion-design, computer Engeenering (Architecture design).

   The aim of the College is to offer students Vocational  programs, qualified instructions about choosing profession, educational programs, and assist them in comprehending their future professional career.

   College forms the intellectual, social and cultural properties of students.

The College ”Georgia” LLC. aspires to prepare young specialists with a strong compatibility.

At the College, students have a splendid opportunity to become familiar with essential and different aspects of labor, leisure and charity. All abovementioned issues contribute to bringing up active young generation with the strong sense of responsibility.

   The purpose of the college is to help students to gain appropriate education with the help of qualified pedagogical staff and with modern educational resources.

  Different Vocational programs provide students with necessary professional skills and after graduating from the college their competence, ability of communication and the usage of computer methods in their profession will accentuate their professionalism. In case of taking further education, they can freely use their skills and knowledge accumulated at the college.

College programs make it easy for students to analyze connection among different subjects and come to a competent conclusion.

   All students according to their faculties are obliged to take consultation and to get the detailed information about programs, academic calendar, system of estimation and the rest. Instructors are ready to give professional and qualified answers on students’ problematic issues.

The system of estimation at the College is based on  European system.

According to elaborate proffesional educational programs, advanced methods of education and estimation are introduced to the College.

   At present, there are  the academic staff of qualified teachers, humanitarian, social scientific directors, departments of educational programs and projects, departments of diplomas and archives and the director, Giorgi Beraia at the head supervise the teaching process.

During 28 years, more than 3000 students graduated from the College.

Entering the College, student is to produce the following documentation:

1. School-leaving certificate;

2. Passport;

3. Photos (2)


1.  To have the medium level knowledge of English language;

   Computer center, cloth design and construction workshops, library and reading halls that house more than 1500 textbooks, popular scientific books and periodicals, electronic literature in different languages are available for all students and are free of charge.


     The volume and the duration of programs are different for Georgian speaking and non-Georgian speaking students.

For non-Georgian speaking students not possessing the document confirming the competence of the Georgian language, “Georgian Language A2" and "Georgian Language B1" modules are added to the total volume of the program (30 credits)

      The completion of modules of "Georgian language A2 and/or Georgian language B1” for students, enrolled in the professional program not having the document confirming the competence of the Georgian language, is mandatory. The above mentioned students start their professional educational program with the Georgian language modules.


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