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About College


The Community College "Georgia"

College “Georgia” Ltd. is the private juridical institution of Vocational education.

The existence and equality are guaranteed and regulated by the Law of  Vocational Education along with other normative acts, guaranteed by The Constitution of Georgia.

College “Georgia” issues private pattern diploma.

Founder and director of the college is Giorgi Beraia.

Community College “Georgia”  was authorized by the decision of Authorization Council of Educational Institutions â„–89 dated 21 July, 2011

The college guarantees the five level the  professional education.

The Community College "Georgia" was founded in 1991. The College with its 20-year old experience, and own material-technical base is oriented on the market relations, constantly renewable training plans and programs.

The College, constantly renewing teaching programs and plans, is oriented on market relations. The College is currently implementing a number of interesting initiatives and programs aimed at improving the quality of learning, as well as providing the graduates with necessary skills that are crucial for the successful career. It is, also important to note that our College takes active steps in relation to fostering research in every area.

College forms the intellectual, social and cultural properties of students.

The College ”Georgia” Ltd. aspires to prepare young specialists with a strong compatibility.

At the College, students have a splendid opportunity to become familiar with essential and different aspects of labor, leisure and charity. All above mentioned issues contribute to bringing up active young generation with the strong sense of responsibility.

The purpose of the college is to help students to gain appropriate education with the help of qualified pedagogical staff and with modern educational resources.

One of the main directions of educational reform is to integrate science and education that aims to bring up the young specialist with the sense of international self-consciousness, high morality and devoted to democratic values.

The level of professional programs mainly equals to the bachelor degree.

Different professional programs provide students with necessary professional skills and after graduating from the college their competence, ability of communication and the usage of computer methods in their profession will accentuate their professionalism. In case of taking further education, they can freely use their skills and knowledge accumulated at the  college.

College programs make it easy for students to analyze connection among different subjects and come to a competent conclusion.

All students according to their faculties are obliged to take consultation and to get the detailed information about programs, academic calendar, system of estimation and the rest. Instructors are ready to give professional and qualified answers on students’ problematic issues.

Our programs and courses enable the students to obtain training degree in mastering new professions and to establish abilities in the fields of law, economy, financing, small business,   tourism, computer skills,  fashion design.

Would you make decision to change your life, our professional instructors will render help to    choose your profession, familiarize you with training programs, mastering of which will   change your intellect and will expand the horizon of your knowledge.

We are pleased to admit that College “Georgia" is the place, where the success in your   professional career starts and thus, opens the way to your independent life.


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