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15:33 / 30 Apr. '13
New regulations for foreign students admission
Enrolment procedures for foreign applicants, who want to study in Georgia, for College “Georgia” enrolment and Visa issuance
Stage I. Preparing for of request
Applicant, or person who has power of attorney form applicant, must provide all below mentioned documents to the college “Georgia” by the time fixed by college administration, for enrolment in college.
1.       Statement (form will be provided by college)
2.       Notarized copy of educational document
3.       Scanned copy of passport (validity minimum of 2 years)
4.       Power of attorney to college representative (all necessary information about this person will be provided by college), who will take applicant’s educational documents to National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement in Tbilisi, for their approval that presented document is valid for studying abroad.
5.       Receipt from bank for 200 USD on college “Georgia” account, for fees of National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement and fees for notarized translation copy (mentioning in the receipt name of applicant and written as reason of transfer “application fee”)
6.       Any other documents requested from college if necessary
Stage II. Approval of education 
College “Georgia” will translate and notarize translated educational document, person with power of attorney from applicant will take document to National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.
If documents will be rejected from National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement procedure of students acceptance is finished and 200 USD is nonrefundable.
Stage III. Enrolment in college “Georgia”
If educational documents are approved from National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement director of college “Georgia” will order to put student in applicant base and after group will be filled will issue acceptance letter. Dates and duration of course will be written in acceptance letter.
Stage IV. Application for Visa
Student will be send:
1.       Invitation letter, where will be mentioned
1.1   student’s name, surname, nationality, passport number;
1.2   educational program and qualification;
1.3   duration of the program, date of the beginning and date of ending of the course;
1.4   document mentioning tuition fees 1700 USD (nonrefundable if visa was issued, if visa was rejected student will have full refund of tuition fees) and 200 USD for educational documents preparation (nonrefundable)
1.5   bank account, where student must transfer full amount of fees
1.6   which embassy must student/agent refer to – where agent must take below mentioned documents:
-original passport
-power of attorney for agent (who will take documents to embassy)
-bank receipt for full amount of tuition fee transfer on college “Georgia” account
-international insurance while studying in Georgia
-legalized educational documents (original) from country’s authority organ (like Ministry of Education)
 -bank statement with 3000 USD on students account, or on others person’s account who is financing his/her study (in this case there must be power of attorney that student has full access to this 3000 USD)
1.7   in invitation letter it will be mentioned that student’s educational documents were approved by National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.
2.       Order for acceptance of the student in college “Georgia”
Stage V. Solicitation with embassy
After money transfer college will send letter to embassy asking to issue Visa, sending also authorization document of the college itself

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