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Programs 2014


Programs - 2014              
About College “Georgia”
The Community College “Georgia” was founded in 1991. The College with its 23-year old experience, and own material-technical base is oriented on the market relations, constantly renewable training plans and programs.
The College is currently implementing a number of interesting initiatives and programs aimed to improve the quality of learning, as well as providing the graduates with necessary skills that are crucial for the successful career. It is, also important to note that our College takes active steps in relation to fostering research in every area.
 Students are obligated to know the conditions of living in Georgia and studying terms at college by the agencies of their countries. They also can contact us by email and get exhaustive information from college.
Georgia in life is cheap. College managers help students to solve their accommodation problems.
There are many restaurants, cafeterias and markets in the city. Average Cost, it may differ on one's life style and daily standard of living.
Monthly Rent = GEL 200-250 (approx. 150-200 USD) per month;
Monthly Food = GEL 150-200 (approx. 100-120 USD) per month;
Monthly Bus Pass = GEL 25 - 30 15-20 USD dollar (Per month)
Monthly Metro Pass = GEL 25-30 (approx. 15-20 USD) per month;


The College  is Authorized  By  The Georgian National  Center  For Educational  Quality  Enhancement.

Students will be awarded with College “Georgia” diploma according to their selected courses.
Our Programs
Hotel Management
The duration of the program – 1 year (60 credit hours);  Tuition  Fee:  1700 USD
Studying course takes 13 weeks(30 credits) per semester,  in a form of lecture, practical Studying, seminar, written     form works, off-the audience studying,   reference works, internal and final exam, by applying of   modern training methods and methodology, Computer, audio-video techniques, by displaying posters, bills and other use of visual methods. Training process occurs according to the approved syllabi of the courses. Practical trainings and seminars take the total extension of studying by 30/40%.
The training in under processing in two ways: auditorium, independent studying (by teachers’ help and   consultations )and studing practise form. Assessing   the student’s knowledge   occurs by 100 marking and grading system.
The   aim of the educational program is:
*To prepar the specialist in hotel management field with appropriate knowledge, that mainly is oriented   on practical   activity; By knowing various techniques and methods   to be involved   in business production, envisaging   today’ s hard economic factors of tour market;
*To be prepared by theory knowledge   as well as   practical abilities to solve the tourism organizational and informational problems, by  viewing constantly changeable and   dynamic problems; 
*To possess the communication means precisely and effectively;
*To be able to apply the computer programs on the working place and to perform daily operations.
*To constantly expand the professional horizon and to become competitive and attractive for the potential  employers.
Studying results
Knowledge, Comprehension and Perception
— To possess the foreign languages on communicational level;
— To know the peculiarities of past and present of world population, the co-existence of the nations’ and national psychics of cultural –economic potential and to view these peculiarities while having cultural and business relationship with them;
— Tourism, as the role comprehension of one of the rapid developing field (industrial) and its social-economic   significance and the estimation of the influence on the country’s development;
—. To know the peculiarities   of tourism development   of Georgia. The classification   of tourism variety and the resources of tourism;
— To study the consumers’ requirements on tourism service market and   the planning of marketing strategy on its base.
— To know the fundamentals of economic analysis of modern methods, the principles of micro and   macro economics, and its market economic functioning, to establish the economic comprehension, to calculate the basic economic categories (like demand, supply, price) and the indices (income, expenses, profit, profitableness);
— To study main principles of accountancy, to study the issues of business management, such as: planning, management, control. To analyze the expenditure and the profit extension.
— To know   and study lawful issues related to tourism and entrepreneurship;
— To know the fundamentals of hotel management and tourisms service. With suppliers agreement co-operation,( hotels, means of placement, the food locality, transport organization and transferring, insurance, the financial service, museum, the exhibition and conference service and others);
— To perceive the international standards of tourism.
Theoretical   study     40%
Practical component 60%
Course contents
·English language
·Tourism fundamentals
·Business communication
·Georgian language
·Computer technology
·Hotel service organization
                    Assessment of student nowledge
Positive results
·          (A) excellent  91% and more of maximum assessment
·         (B) very good 81-90 % of maximum assessment
·         (C) good- 71-80% of maximum assessment
·         (D) satisfactory 61-70% of maximum assessment
·         (E) passed  51-60 % of maximum assessment
Negative results
·         (FX) –not passed 41-50% of maximum assessment. Student will have one more possibilities to pass exam.
·         (F)-failed. less then 40 % of maximum assessment. It means, that student must learn course of subject from beginning.
       Maximum score 100 . It includes 2 midterm test and 1 final exam.  
    Activities during practical training 0- 10
     First midterm test   0- 20
    Second midterm test   0-20
     Final exam              0- 50
      Student is required to have at least 20 grades to be allowed to final exam.
      Learning practice and exam evaluate together.
Conditions of living in Georgia and studying at college
* Students are obligated to know the conditions of living in Georgia and studying terms at college by the agencies of their countries. They also can contact us by email and get exhaustive information from college.
*Students, coming to Georgia, are obliged to execute legislative demands of the college and the State of Georgia without any claims and reasons.
*Tuition and other fees must be brought into the bank account. Payment is not refundable.
*Students pay the tuition into the bank. Those who won't pay wouldn't be enrolled into the college and consequently that would be the sufficient reason for leaving Georgia.
*Due to delivering any kind of falsification and incorrect information students are obliged to return to their countries.
The college takes responsibility to supply students with the letter of notification, whose visas are expired, to present it to the civil department for obtaining the temporary residence card (TRC).
*Students are obliged to attend lectures, to take corresponding credits and take exams during the studying period.
*Students should purchase books recommended by teachers.
*Students having academic debts, aren't supplied with any educational documents and college reserves the right to cease the temporary residence card (TRC).
*College and students are responsible for the actions due to their contract.


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