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Foreign Students
Students having decided to get further education in Georgia through agencies fill in the form of request to study at college “Georgia”.
Within 5 working days get a confirmation letter (in the written form) of a student’s enrollment at college “Georgia”.
The average preferable age of the student should be 18-30 years.
No IELTS. Students should demonstrate the capability to read/understand English newspaper.
Students, upon arrival, are to produce the following important documents for college registration:
1. The original college invitation letter,
2. The original secondary school certificate,
3. Valid passport (original)
4. Round-trip flight ticket
5. International health insurance
The procedure of obtaining visa – documents needed:
1.       Scanned Passport (all the pages that include applicant information – like name, surname, address, date of birth and etc)
2.       Scanned high school certificate   
3.       Ticket booking (round trip)
4.       Hotel booking (our partner hostel/hotel has special prices for our students, ask for more details)
5.       Filled application form (from our web-page)
6.       Filled application letter (from our web-page)
7.       Filled Visa form (from our web-page)
8.       Minimum of 3000 USD + 2000 USD (tuition fee) statement on student’s bank account.
9.       International Health Insurance (during study in Georgia)
1. Charges for Visa -   150 USD (must be transferred along with necessary documents)
2. Transfer service from the airport to the place of residence – 30 GEL (approximately 20 USD) per person
Conditions of living in Georgia and studying at college
Financial responsibilities:
a. Accommodation: GEL 200-250 (approx. 150-200 USD) per month;
b. Food: GEL 150-200 (approx. 100-120 USD) per month;
c. Transport: GEL 25-30 (approx. 15-20 USD) per month;
d. Subway: GEL 25-30 (approx. 15-20 USD) per month;
College managers will give you all necessary information about domestic conditions and help you to get settled down. 
1.       Students are obligated to know the conditions of living in Georgia and studying terms at college by the agencies of their countries. They also can contact us by email and get exhaustive information from college;
2.       Students, coming to Georgia, are obliged to execute legislative demands of the college and the Georgia without any claims and reasons;
3.       Tuition and other fees must be transferred into the bank account. Payment is not refundable.
4.       Due to delivering any kind of falsification and incorrect information students are obliged to return to their countries;
5.       Students are obliged to attend lectures, to take corresponding credits and take exams during the studying period;
6.       Students should purchase books recommended by teachers;
7.       Students having academic debts will be dismissed from college “Georgia” and their Visas will be canceled;
8.       College and students are responsible for the actions due to their contract.


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